Yes or No?

Elmer Batters took the photo below at the same time as he took the set of “Donna Cole” photos that he published in Tip Top.  That set was in a feature entitled Rolled Pose on a Table Top.  This photo was NOT included in the feature.  In fact, it was never published anywhere.

In that same Tip Top, there is a feature entitled “How (and how not) to shoot a pair of legs.”  One thing mentioned in this article is that it is a mistake for a dedicated leg man to have the model bend her legs under her posterior so that the knees appear to be amputation stumps, and is recommended only when a model has an attractive face and torso but legs which don’t measure up to the same standards.

Of course, Batters sometimes had me bend my legs under my posterior so he could emphasize my breasts, but he never mentions that a model may have both good legs and good breasts.

The Donna Cole series of photos did emphasize my legs, and also made me appear to be very sultry and “worn-out.”  The one below, taken at the same time, shows that I was just having fun, so I guess Elmer, or his editor, decided that it didn’t fit in with the rest of the photos and thus was never published.

Frankly, I think that this photo complements the ones published under the “Donna Cole” name, showing my many moods — while posing on (or with) a table top.  What do you think?  Pick “yes” it is just another facet of Donna Cole, or “no” I don’t like it (or “Maybe I like it but it definitely doesn’t go with the Donna Cole set.”)

Gloria Dawn by Elmer Batters.  Unpublished photo.

Gloria Dawn by Elmer Batters. Unpublished photo.