The Jigger Photos

I had been searching for it for five years and when I finally found it, I couldn’t let it go and so ended up paying way over my budget.

“It” was the picture below, posted to my gallery folder at My Archives in August 2010. I could tell this photo was from a magazine and knew that the photographer was Ron Vogel because I’d seen other Vogel pictures of me wearing these accessories – identical beads and panties.


The original Jigger post.

The guy who posted this didn’t know where he found the picture; it was one of many images stored on his computer. By 2010, I had discovered most of Ron’s layouts but I thought it might have been published as a single, used to illustrate a story in one of the many men’s magazines of the 60s. Several of my photos appeared in magazines like Adam’s Beside Reader, throwaways that were discarded once read because they contained few photos.

I put out a request to members of My Archives, asking if anyone knew the name of the magazine where it had appeared. I even requested information on this photo in an essay I wrote here. But I received no responses.

Five years later, the magazine appeared on eBay. It was not just one photo but a layout in an obscure publication called Jigger. I could tell from the photos shown in the eBay listing that Jigger was aimed at the Parliament market – photos of average-looking women wearing tacky underwear, women whose breasts sagged (mine too) and bottoms were flabby (mine too).  Women photographed in provocative poses rather than glamorous ones.  The anti-Playboy look.  It didn’t go over well at the time; few copies were sold and only one issue published.  (It lacked the Batters’ appeal to butt and leg watchers that helped sell Parliament magazines.)

Given that it wasn’t a Parliament publication and didn’t contain photos by Elmer Batters, I thought that it might sell for a reasonable cost. I was wrong. Not many bidders were interested, but one put in such a high bid that I had to pay six times my budget to win the auction. I would have walked away except that I’d never seen another copy and I’d been searching for so long.

Because I paid such a high price, I need to sell a few copies of the best photos. Consequently, although I have posted most of the pictures on My Archives and will soon post them on Tumblr, I have held back the best four. Copies are shown below. They are available only by ordering from mcleavey on eBay or directly from me.

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel -- Jigger-1

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel — Jigger-1

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel -- Jigger-2

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel — Jigger-2

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel -- Jigger-3

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel — Jigger-3

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel -- Jigger-4

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel — Jigger-4