Gloria Dawn (born July 27, 1940) appeared in numerous softcore men’s magazines in the 1960s. She began her career in January 1962, and modeled for photographers Peter Gowland, Ron Vogel, Donald G. Klumpp, Sam Wu, Elmer Batters, Keith Bernard, and Michael LeRoy among others. She retired from modeling in August 1963 but her pictures appeared in publications until 1970. Although her chosen modeling name was “Gloria Dawn”, magazines also printed her pictures using the names Susan Norman, Dallas Blair, Corinne Curry, Leslie Southern, Donna Cole, Cherry Chadwick, and Mary Hayes. She was blond during most of her modeling career, but had black hair for two months in 1963, and the Susan Norman, Dallas Blair, Cherry Chadwick and Mary Hayes names were used for her brunette pictures.

Her real name was Gloria Moeser but in March 1965 she changed her first name to Shannon, thereby becoming Shannon Dawn Moeser. In September 1965, she enrolled in a BA program at Simon Fraser University and obtained her PhD in 1971 from McGill University.

While a model she lived at the Hollywood Studio Club. Her roommate was Adrienne Ellis, mother of actress Laurie Holden.

There is more about Shannon Moeser on onmemories.wordpress.com. I keep that site more up-to-date. Admittedly I’ve found about five new magazines which I have listed under the “Magazines” tab. (Have any of you noticed that the number has been creeping up?) However, I have been too busy to post any of the new photos that I’ve found.

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  1. Ms. Moeser: I’ve looked at your autographed portraits, but I’m strangely drawn to the six portraits you posted 6/13 from Thigh High,1967. I was 17 then and your photos brought back memories of a teenage boy in the 60’s. I think they would look wonderful in an old man’s man cave. Would you be able to produce an autographed set of the six and if so what would be the price?

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