My Album

I am putting together a personal photo album.  I have been working on it for several months but have found that it is going to be very difficult to put together.  At first it was easy.  I wanted to begin with face photos.  But then it became much more difficult because I wanted to put the photos in some sort of chronological order.  And to do this, I had to work on many magazine photos.  It takes me a couple of weeks (or longer) just to get one magazine photo in printable condition.  And, of course, many magazine photos can never be made clear enough to become “printable.”

Thus far I have gathered about 90 photos that I want to include.  Many will be ones that were sold on eBay.  The problem is the order.  I have decided to start my list now.  The first 22 or so are in correct order — with a couple of spots missing but I know which magazine photos are going to be placed in those spots.  The others are just grouped under photographers’ names in some rough order.  I have many more photos from Ron Vogel and Michael LeRoy because those are the two photographers for whom I have prints that can easily be “cleaned up” and reprinted.  The difficulty is finding suitable copies from other photographers.  Even when I find a good photo that I want to copy from a magazine, it is “iffy” as to whether that photo can be “cleaned up” well enough to make a printable copy.

I am going to start my list now.  The first ones probably won’t interest you are they are the face photos that I love so much.  Later I am going to group the photos under photographers’ names.  They will be given different numbers when they are finally placed in my album.

Any photo on one of the tabs under My Album can be ordered directly from me.

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