The Jigger Photos

I had been searching for it for five years and when I finally found it, I couldn’t let it go and so ended up paying way over my budget.

“It” was the picture below, posted to my gallery folder at My Archives in August 2010. I could tell this photo was from a magazine and knew that the photographer was Ron Vogel because I’d seen other Vogel pictures of me wearing these accessories – identical beads and panties.


The original Jigger post.

The guy who posted this didn’t know where he found the picture; it was one of many images stored on his computer. By 2010, I had discovered most of Ron’s layouts but I thought it might have been published as a single, used to illustrate a story in one of the many men’s magazines of the 60s. Several of my photos appeared in magazines like Adam’s Beside Reader, throwaways that were discarded once read because they contained few photos.

I put out a request to members of My Archives, asking if anyone knew the name of the magazine where it had appeared. I even requested information on this photo in an essay I wrote here. But I received no responses.

Five years later, the magazine appeared on eBay. It was not just one photo but a layout in an obscure publication called Jigger. I could tell from the photos shown in the eBay listing that Jigger was aimed at the Parliament market – photos of average-looking women wearing tacky underwear, women whose breasts sagged (mine too) and bottoms were flabby (mine too).  Women photographed in provocative poses rather than glamorous ones.  The anti-Playboy look.  It didn’t go over well at the time; few copies were sold and only one issue published.  (It lacked the Batters’ appeal to butt and leg watchers that helped sell Parliament magazines.)

Given that it wasn’t a Parliament publication and didn’t contain photos by Elmer Batters, I thought that it might sell for a reasonable cost. I was wrong. Not many bidders were interested, but one put in such a high bid that I had to pay six times my budget to win the auction. I would have walked away except that I’d never seen another copy and I’d been searching for so long.

Because I paid such a high price, I need to sell a few copies of the best photos. Consequently, although I have posted most of the pictures on My Archives and will soon post them on Tumblr, I have held back the best four. Copies are shown below. They are available only by ordering from mcleavey on eBay or directly from me.

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel -- Jigger-1

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel — Jigger-1

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel -- Jigger-2

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel — Jigger-2

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel -- Jigger-3

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel — Jigger-3

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel -- Jigger-4

Gloria Dawn by Ron Vogel — Jigger-4

Another “Different” Elmer Batters Photo

In addition to the photo mentioned below (in “yes or no”), I just completed another “different” Elmer Batters photo that I am now ready to sell. This is one of my favorites. In fact, I put a less finished version of it on the header to this web site.

I spent about five years — on-and-off — working on this photo to get it to a level where I am satisfied with it. I’ve already printed a copy.

I consider it a “different” type of Batters photo because it does not focus at all on my legs or feet. It focuses on my face. See: Elmer Batters was a good overall photographer; he just preferred taking photos of legs.

Gloria Dawn by Elmer Batters.  A photo published in Late Show, 1964.

Gloria Dawn by Elmer Batters. A photo published in Late Show, 1964.

Yes or No?

Elmer Batters took the photo below at the same time as he took the set of “Donna Cole” photos that he published in Tip Top.  That set was in a feature entitled Rolled Pose on a Table Top.  This photo was NOT included in the feature.  In fact, it was never published anywhere.

In that same Tip Top, there is a feature entitled “How (and how not) to shoot a pair of legs.”  One thing mentioned in this article is that it is a mistake for a dedicated leg man to have the model bend her legs under her posterior so that the knees appear to be amputation stumps, and is recommended only when a model has an attractive face and torso but legs which don’t measure up to the same standards.

Of course, Batters sometimes had me bend my legs under my posterior so he could emphasize my breasts, but he never mentions that a model may have both good legs and good breasts.

The Donna Cole series of photos did emphasize my legs, and also made me appear to be very sultry and “worn-out.”  The one below, taken at the same time, shows that I was just having fun, so I guess Elmer, or his editor, decided that it didn’t fit in with the rest of the photos and thus was never published.

Frankly, I think that this photo complements the ones published under the “Donna Cole” name, showing my many moods — while posing on (or with) a table top.  What do you think?  Pick “yes” it is just another facet of Donna Cole, or “no” I don’t like it (or “Maybe I like it but it definitely doesn’t go with the Donna Cole set.”)

Gloria Dawn by Elmer Batters.  Unpublished photo.

Gloria Dawn by Elmer Batters. Unpublished photo.

Donna Cole Pictures (Updated)

There are a number of Donna Cole photos floating around the internet.   Donna Cole was the name attached to them, but they were photos of me, taken by Elmer Batters on the second occasion I worked with him (see “Nude in Black and Blonde” published in onmemories).

These pictures appeared in the December 1964 issue of Tip Top. They were black and white photos that were tinted by the magazine editors. The reason they were tinted was to cover the flaws.  They were taken on a movie set under harsh lighting conditions, so there were many shadows.  That is why they don’t look like most of Batters’ photos.  He preferred to work under natural lighting conditions.

After looking for five years, I have finally been able to obtain a copy of the magazine.  I’ve attempted to get these photos back closer to their original look by changing them to their original black and white and then smoothing out all the magazine and scanning flaws.  I did see a negative of another photo shot at the same time on eBay, and this original negative was not nearly as “harsh” as those floating around the internet.

It takes me about 50-60 hours of work to get it good enough to make a suitable print.  So I am selling my “tweaked” photos, signed on eBay.  I have sold four on eBay in addition to two that were sold privately through this site.

Below are copies of my “tweaked” versions.  There are now four tweaked versions.  I may add one more at a later time.  It’s a lot of work.

Pic 1

Donna Cole photo sold on eBay (without strips) after tweaking.

Donna Cole photo sold on eBay (without strips) after tweaking.

 Pic 2

Donna Cole to be listed on eBay in September.

Donna Cole to be listed on eBay in September.

Pic 3

Batters_DonnaCole_table_stripPIC 4


That “Sassy” Photo

Those of you from My Archives might remember that several years ago I worked many hours to create a decent copy of one small picture from the magazine Sassy.  I didn’t succeed very well, because the picture in the magazine was small and poorly printed.  (Some of you might have it on your computers but I doubt that many copied it.)  I think that the picture was of more interest to me than to My Archive members.  I thought that I looked “cute” in it.  Anyway, I cursed Sassy magazine editors for their failure to produce a good copy of this picture.

Photo that appeared in Sassy.  A copy that I worked on for many hours.

Photo that appeared in Sassy. A copy that I worked on for many hours.


I now have a copy of the original Ron Vogel photo, and it is Ron that I should have cursed.  He overexposed this picture, but it was “cute” and Sassy ran it along with several “sexy” photos.   Ron took six similar photos, all overexposed.  Furthermore, the peignoir I was wearing was very sheer (the same one that was on the cover of Figure Annual) and very short, and I was not wearing panties under it.  In a couple of these overexposed photos, Ron failed to adequately cover my pubic area.  In the one that was published, there were dark shadows that cast a doubt about what was being exposed and what was being hidden by the sheer peignoir.   Anyway, after many more hours of work, I have produced a better copy of this photo for my personal photo album.

Sassy picture copied from an original source.  Overexposed photo took many hours to reproduce.

Sassy picture copied from an original source. Overexposed photo took many hours to reproduce.

Now I am going to start working on one that definitely shows that Ron failed to adequately cover my pubic area when he took these photos.  It takes so long to adequately clean up these overexposed photos that I will probably only reproduce two for my personal photo album.  (When I say that he failed to cover up my pubic area, you must remember that this was 1962 and nothing could even be hinted at.  My pubic area is not on full display in any of these photos, unlike magazine photos taken a decade later.  But in a couple of this set, there is a hint that my pubic area was not adequately covered.)



My Agent, Bill M.

Two weeks after the Cavalier photo shoot, I drove to the Gowlands’ home to collect my $200 payment, hoping they might have another job for me. Alice Gowland was expecting me but still seemed annoyed when she invited me in; her annoyance, I soon discovered, was not directed towards me but at a middle-aged man sitting on her sofa. She attempted to politely dismiss him while I stood waiting for my cheque. But he continued talking, and then introduced himself to me – his name was Bill – and asked if I was a model. When I said “yes” he asked if I had an agent, and I said “no.” He was an agent; that was obvious from the conversation I overheard between him and Alice. He asked if I wanted additional jobs, to which I replied “yes,” and then wrote down my name and telephone number.  Alice finally got him to leave and went to her office to retrieve my cheque. She was very polite, but cool, thanking me for my cooperation and saying that it had been nice working with me. She said nothing about any further modelling jobs, didn’t even offer a vague, “I’ll be in touch later.” It was a dismissal and I knew it – no more work with Peter Gowland. As she opened the door, she said I should “stay away” from Bill. I nodded, as though in agreement, but thought to myself, “Why?  You are not offering me more work.”

First Set of Test Photos

That evening, Bill phoned. After a short conversation about my background, he said he would like to take some “test photos” to show photographers who might want to hire me. He asked if he could come up to the apartment the next day (Sunday) to shoot them. I agreed. I lived with my mother and son, so I felt comfortable about this arrangement, as I was still wary about appearing nude with only a photographer present. Now I realize that Bill was sensitive to the feelings of new figure models and he suggested this arrangement precisely because he knew I would feel safe.

Sunday afternoon, Bill shot about twenty photos in my bedroom. (He shot two of my son and me also, to give my mother. Bill could see that she was a bit anxious about my nude modelling, and he did this, he said, to “please her.”) A week later he gave me copies of some of my “test photos” (as well as the ones he shot to please my mother). During this shoot, Bill used only one strobe light in addition to the natural daylight streaming through my bedroom window. For props, he made use of my basic bedroom décor. It’s obvious from the photos below that he wasn’t a professional photographer, but he was good enough to provide an indication of how I appeared in front of a camera.


Second Set of Test Photos

Bill phoned a couple of days later and said he wanted to take some better photos of my face using natural daylight. Given my work schedule, this had to be done the following weekend. These photos, taken outdoors in a “friend’s” backyard turned out to be among my favourites. My all-time favourite is the top one. In it, I am wearing almost no makeup, just some neutral lipstick and eyeliner. In couple of photos, Bill tried to get me to look more “sultry” and I am wearing a bright red lipstick and have filled in my eyebrows. Bill also took a few full-length photos of me wearing dresses. The patterned dress was my favourite; I have pictures of me in it taken in the summer of 1959 – 3½ years earlier than these photos were taken. (In the 60s, I didn’t have lots of money to purchase clothes and so tended to wear the same few dresses to work.) The oriental dress was one that I kept for “evening dates.”

Gloria Dawn by Bill M. (Unpublished photo taken for modelling portfolio.)

Gloria Dawn by Bill M. (Unpublished photo taken for modelling portfolio.)

Gloria Dawn by Bill M. (Unpublished test photo.)

Gloria Dawn by Bill M. (Unpublished test photo.)

Gloria Dawn by Bill M. (Unpublished test photo.)

Gloria Dawn by Bill M. (Unpublished test photo.)

Gloria Dawn by Bill M. (Test photo taken by agent.)

Gloria Dawn by
Bill M. (Unpublished test photo.)

I like the above picture because it is a good rendition of me in everyday life.  I have personal pictures of me taken in this dress dated June 1959 (3½ years before the above photo was taken).  The shoes were the same ones I wore every day to work — note the two-inch heels, I didn’t wear anything higher.  I wore only light lipstick and my hair was this carefree all the time.  The only extra makeup I’m wearing in the above photo is eyeliner.  I liked the look that eyeliner gave my eyes but it also irritated them, so I only wore it on special occasions, like dates or when modelling.

Gloria Dawn by Bill M. (Unpublished test photo.)

Gloria Dawn by Bill M. (Unpublished test photo.)

I purchased the above dress in October 1959; I have a picture of me wearing it just before going to a Halloween party.  I also have a picture of me wearing it on my 23rd birthday (July 27, 1963).  So this was another dress that lasted more than 3½ years.  I only wore it on special occasions.

My Accessories

Note that the bra and panties worn in the top photos, and the gold shoes in the bottom photo, appeared in several magazines over the years. These were accessories that I possessed before I started modelling. The panties finally gave out near the end of my blond modelling period, but the bra and gold shoes stayed with me until the very end of my career. You’ll see them in Elmer Batters pictures of me, in Michael LeRoy photos, in Ron Vogel photos, in Phil Jacobson photos and in Jim Sullivan photos. The gold shoes are in pictures taken on my last day of modelling.